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If you have reached this page it is most likely because you have received an email error message directing you here because an email you sent was rejected by the polarcomm.com mail server. You may check to see if your IP address is listed here.

rbl.polarcomm.net is a manually operated RBL like system. Entries are added only by human operators when they find evidence of gross spam or email abuse. If your email server was listed, please first examine the server to determine the source of the abuse, clean it up and educate any users that need to be educated.

We are also adding IP addresses that exhibit BotNet characteristics to this RBL. If you get a bounce with you are part of this list. Please disinfect all hosts on that IP address before requesting delisting.

You may fill out the form below with an explanation of what the problem was and how you have resolved the issue or you may email sysadmin@polarcomm.com from a server that is not blocked and include a copy of the rejection you received, an explanation of the problem and what you have done to resolve it.

When you have resolved the problem to the satisfaction of the admin here we will remove your IP address from the list.

If you feel your IP address was erroneously placed on the list please explain why you feel that way. Realize that we retain evidence of the abuse and if faced with you saying there is not a problem and evidence of a problem we will believe the evidence.

Please also be aware that abusive or threatening messages will be discarded without examination. Being rude is the surest way to ensure that your IP address does not get removed from the list.


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